Phase 1: The Kardashian Hairstylist with an $80,000,000 business

Jen Atkin is a celebrity hairstylist who has done hair for the KarJenners, the Hadids, Hailey Bieber and a lot of major celebrities. She has turned her lucrative career into multiple businesses and partnerships and she has really inspired me to pivot and take what I do to the next level. She is always supporting and helping so many people (hairstylists, creatives, entrepreneurs) and I think she’s the best. This is basically a deep dive into her and her empire.


  • Jen founded Ouai in 2016. Since then, Ouai has become a mainstream brand whose products are used by women all over the world.
  • Ouai has raised investment from Aliance Consumer Growth (they invested in SKIMS, Good American and other major businesses). From what I’ve been able to find, ACG is Ouai’s only investor.
  • Their HQ was designed by Maison Trouvaille. Click here for photos.
  • Ouai’s CEO is Colin Walsh. He has worked with Redken, DevaCurl and L’oreal in the past. One of his roles at Devacurl was CEO.
  • Ouai grew over 50% during Covid, is stocked at major beauty retailers worldwide and have expanded into fragrances and personal care products.
  • They’ve collaborated with Byredo & SetActive.
  • Ouai was recently acquired by Procter & Gamble for an undisclosed sum. Ouai reportedly has sales of $50 million this year and sales could top $80 million in 2022, according to sources.
  • Watch Jen’s 3 min day in the life video here and her 14 min day in the life video here

The Brilliance Of Her Dyson Partnership

Jen is also a brand ambassador for Dyson’s hair tools range

and has worked with them for several years. This partnership is brilliant as Dyson’s products don’t compete with Ouai, they supplement it. This is why Ouai and Dyson teamed up with a kit that consisted of one of Dyson’s hair tools and several Ouai products.

Jen also got Dyson to sponsor a haircare workshop so that she could teach other hairstylists for free.

Jen appears in a lot of promotional materials for Dyson and has helped them launch their new products at conferences and press days. This elevates her status in the haircare space and if people are finding out about her, they may stumble across her brand or trust enough to buy Ouai products given that Dyson trust Jen Atkin.


A while ago, she asked for donations in honour of her late dog Chewy. This led to over $80,000 in donations to Wags and Walks — the Los Angeles-based rescue that adopted she adopted Chewy from.

Jen also made a beautiful tribute post for Virgil


Jen has been featured on the cover of Architecural Digest for her last home which she ended up selling to a friend. You can watch the house tour here

In April 2021, she purchased a house in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley for $4.45 million.


  • Jen is a columnist for Glamour
  • Jen is set to make an appearance on Hailey Bieber’s YouTube channel and was featured in the Quibi series ‘About Face’
  • Kylie also made an appearance in the series.
  • Jen still does Kendall’s hair a lot of the time as well as hair for Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.


Mane Addicts

  • Mane Addicts
  • is a digital media company focusing on haircare. Their content is aimed at both hair professional hairstylists and regular consumers.
  • Mane Addicts have ‘Mane Muses’, celebrities and influencers they interview and shoot with such as Zendaya
  • and Emma Chamberlain
  • Mane University consists of educational courses and seminars provided by Mane Addicts.




Not associated with KimsaprincessLLC, Kim Kardashian West or any Kardashian Jenner.

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Not associated with KimsaprincessLLC, Kim Kardashian West or any Kardashian Jenner.

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